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The 25th Frame - Das 25. Bild
An interdisciplinary installation

Exhibition by GEDOK Artists Karlsruhe for the Festival Women's Perspectives 2015
18th April through 3rd May 2015 at GEDOK Women Artists Forum, Karlsruhe


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Friday 17th April 2015 at 8 pm


Rosa Baum - Antje Bessau - Ingrid Bürger - Beatemarie Busch

Jutta Hieret - Rita Huber-Süß - Sylvia Kiefer - Gloria Keller

Lilo Maisch - Hedi Schulitz - Birgit Spahlinger - Ursula Zetzmann

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The title “The 25th Frame” stands for manipulation and deception, coercion and control. In the manufacturing process, one speaks, in this context, of the things behind the things, which accounts for about eighty percent of the energy that is expended to manufacture a product. This framework was described by the architectural historian Wouter August Jozef Vanstiphout in an interview with the architect Rory Hyde as the ‘dark matter of design’.

The title of the women's cultural festival “About Work – About Life” inspires the debate about the working conditions of women for example in the textile, Aboutwork, rose cultivation, mobile telephone and IT industries. An interdisciplinary group of women artists at the GEDOK will generate a shared installation to make this energy visible and to investigate how networking, social ompetence and solidarity can be brought into shape.


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