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Mamak Azarmgin "Illuminations" 1995 - 2007
One Thousand and One_IRAN

An Exhibition as part of the "Festival of Culture - Women's Perspectives" 2009
15th March 2009 through 24th April 2009 - Women Artists Forum Karlsruhe

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© Mamak Azarmgin - "Lebensabschnitt", Illumination

Mamak Azarmgin was born in 1968. She studied design, painting, photography and applied art in Tehran. The emphasis of her work lies in the traditional Illumination (Tahzib) and Persian Painting (Negargary). Tahzib has, as an artform, always been held in high esteem in Iran. Single pages of the Quran, Songs of Love, Epic Verses or the Philosophical Meditations of famous Iranian poets such as Hafiz, Firdusi and Djami reach their true delicate and sophisticated beauty only through the book paintings. The characteristic elements of the Illuminations, the arabesques in their sparkling natural colors of Gold and Silver, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite, form a strong and striking visual counterpart to the highest of Islamic artforms, the written word. It is a journey into the world of Mystics for the observer, the art of "Tahzib" transforms those who allow themselves to be touched by it.

The work developed by Mamak Azarmgin between 1995-2007 separates the Illumination from their close connection with the book, although she never gives up the connection to this genre completely. From the tone of the paper to the production of the colors, the artist controls and dominates this exquisite artform, whose secrets stay, to this day, unsolved. Like precious treasures the complex ornamental compositions fascinate and become witnesses of a far off time and a far off world. However, with the artist's every brush line, these treasures live on into the present.

A selection of books from the Orient Archive Dr. Vogt, Karlsruhe, supplements the exhibition surrounding the traditional aspects of Illumination, epitomising and embodying the essential characteristics of Mamak Azarmgin's work.

Saturday 14th March 2009 at 18:30
Introduction: Dr. Schoole Mostafawy
Sufi-Music with the Trio "Tomtaka" (Bita Kermani, Nasi Shahin, Keyvan Harandi) from Cologne


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